A new approach to Portfolios.

Rather than combining stocks, bonds, or other assets in a portfolio, a Sidepocket combines tactical investment strategies. The number of strategies in a given Sidepocket may vary based on your risk profile.

What makes a Strategy?

Strategies generate returns by automatically rebalancing your money into assets that are most likely to outperform and reduce risk.

Factors drive our Strategies.

There are over 316 unique factors that drive returns. Each strategy is comprised of different factors. These may include value, momentum, quality, size, and volatility. Momentum is one of the most commonly used factors by quantitative hedge funds to generate returns for investors.

Strategies built for innovation.

Strategies used in Sidepocket are constructed using low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), and highly liquid stocks.

Risk assessment that works.

Our risk assessment tool allows you to filter our offerings based on your desired level of risk and how long you plan to invest.

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