Here’s more about  who we are.


A marketplace of quantitative investment portfolios.


Sidepocket is an SEC registered investment adviser. Our marketplace consists of our own quantitative investment portfolios called “Sidepockets”. A Sidepocket is an allocation of funds managed according to a designated tactical investment strategy.


Sign up, set up your Investor Profile, and enjoy your free trial.


Start off by Signing up. Go trough a quick investor profile (this should only take a minute or 2), then enjoy your free 30-day trial to check out all that Sidepocket has to offer. Take this time to Explore different Sidepockets (our term for portfolio) that are arranged by category, and use our ‘What Sidepocket is right for me?’ feature to find one that’s best for your needs. There’s something for everyone. 


Once you’re ready, funding a Sidepocket quick and easy.


Once you decide to fund a Sidepocket, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan. Pick between Sidepocket LITE or PRO depending on your needs. Once you’ve selected a subscription, we’ll guide you through your account setup, which is quick and easy (this should take another 2-3 minutes at most). After account setup, you’ll be able to transfer funds.


Some key details about Sidepocket.

Investor Qualifications

U.S. citizens only

Sidepocket LITE

$3.29 / Month

Sidepocket LITE minimum investment


Sidepocket PRO

0.79% AUM fee / year

Sidepocket PRO minimum investment


Account Types

Brokerage, IRAs

Broker / Clearing / Custody

Apex Clearing

*Note* $3.29 / month applies to LITE accounts up to $5,000 in net deposits. Accounts over $5,000 in net deposits will upgraded to PRO automatically, and converted to an investment management fee of 0.79%. Each plan includes the option to open different types of brokerage accounts and retirement accounts. The subscription fee is due if a client subscribes to a subscription tier regardless of whether or not the client chooses to open and/or use a brokerage account. Clients must be approved from an account verification perspective to open an account.


What is a Sidepocket?

A Sidepocket is an allocation of funds managed according to a designated tactical investment strategy.

How do we handle liquidations during times of crisis?

If the market is open, we will liquidate at the best price we can obtain algorithmically as soon as it is requested.

How is Sidepocket different from a trading app or commission free broker-dealer?

Sidepocket is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, also known as a fiduciary, which means we are legally obligated to have the client’s best interest in mind, not our own.  It is our obligation to make sure you pay the lowest fees and have the most appropriate investment mix for your risk tolerance and goals.  Trading apps have their own interest in mind, and through the use of gamification, in-app confetti, push notifications, and providing leverage through margin and options, these “attention-induced” trading apps are profiting handsomely from payment-for-order-flow, at your expense. 

How often do most of our “Sidepockets” rebalance?

Most Sidepockets rebalance on a montly basis. In certain cases, a Sidepocket could rebalance more frequently, considering a situation like a black swan event, or less frequently if a client is in a taxable account and a higher tax bracket.

How do we execute trades when you fund a Sidepocket?

As soon as you fund a Sidepocket in the application, the order will be queued up and subsequently sent to our broker-dealer and custody partner Apex clearing. Apex will automatically process and submit order for the underlying securities that make up the Sidepocket. The order will be filled during the next available window during market hours (8:30am – 3pm CST) and will be subsequently available to view in the ‘My Sidepocket’ screen. 

What is Buying Power in Sidepocket?

Buying power in a cash account is the maximum dollar amount available for placing trades. Settled funds, unsettled funds-available, and unsettled funds-unavailable are used to determine buying power.

What is Available to Withdraw in Sidepocket?

Your “available to withdraw” amount represents how much settled (and cleared) cash is in your account and can be withdrawn. Sometimes the amount you can withdraw will be different from the amount you have available to trade. Typically this would be because you have made recent trades that haven’t settled yet.