Our pricing options

We bundle our offerings into simple, transparent subscription tiers, based on your unique investment needs.


$3.29 / Month

For accounts with less than $5k in deposits.

  • CORE Sidepockets with automatic rebalancing
  • Dedicated Brokerage account
  • Dedicated Retirement account
  • Fund up to 5 Sidepockets per account
  • Automatically schedule deposits
  • Dynamic risk assessment tool
  • Active account monitoring and alerts


0.79% Annually

Exclusive to accounts over $5k in deposits.

Includes all of the features of LITE +

  • PRO Sidepockets - Access to the most cutting edge quantitative strategies
  • Fund up 10 Sidepockets per account

*Note* $3.29 / month applies to LITE accounts up to $5,000 in net deposits. Accounts over $5,000 in net deposits will upgraded to PRO automatically, and converted to an investment management fee of 0.79%. Each plan includes the option to open different types of brokerage accounts and retirement accounts. The subscription fee is due if a client subscribes to a subscription tier regardless of whether or not the client chooses to open and/or use a brokerage account. Clients must be approved from an account verification perspective to open an account.